Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Euthanasia argument: Positive viewpoint

Euthanasia is the...... painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. Our main points: It’s their decision. Peaceful death compared to a painful life/It’s good because it can put people to eternal rest, because they will be in a lot of pain. Dying is not a crime Everyone have the right to decide how they should die To stop the risk of prosecution as it is considered law-breaking if someone witnesses someone committing suicide. This way those who choose to take euthanasia can do it with the company of loved ones without breaking any laws. God is love and Christianity is about love and compassion and my point is that keeping someone in pain and suffering is not loving but pure evil. Euthanasia can be the most and loving action and the best way to put someone you love in a painless most peaceful way. Most people would have their pets put down to if they were suffering, this would regards kindness. Why can’t the same kindness be given to humans? If the patient is old and suffering is watching them spend their last hours in pain really satisfying. As a child of the elderly do we want our parent to be suffering to death, or do you want them to say their goodbyes and then get put to sleep without pain, this way we would understand that our parent went to rest with peace. To allow sufferers to depart this life while still possessing their mental faculties. Those who are unwell don’t want people looking after them including wiping bottom, bathing, hand feeding. Their main points: The money spent on paying for euthanasia could be used to pay Hospice services etc. Against the belief of Christians “It would make caring for disabled, mentally ill and elderly people optional, instead of the default.” Alternative treatments are available, such as palliative and hospice, we do not have to kill the patients with down syndrome, nearly all pain can be relieved. “assisted dying” – making it legal for people to deliberately help others commit suicide – is not the solution. The assumption that patients should have the a right to die would impose on doctors a duty to kill What they could say back to our main points and how we would shut them down: It’s a duty for doctors to look after patients until they take their final breath. Doctors should never give up Use these patients for research to find the cure to different diseases in order to prevent the same scene to occur with someone else. What we could say to shut down their main points: Take in account the oath of Doctors to not harm their patients. THe hippocratic oath to swear they would do no harm. Letting them spend in their final hours in pain is too much of a harm. We can use this method to put them to rest in peace therefore we see no harm, as life for them in that stage Caring for the elderly, disabled, or the mentally ill puts a strain on people financially, emotionally and physically. Having people put to rest via Euthanasia would be good seeing as it would be quick and easy and spare people the money they would have to pay, and the trauma they could go through if they had to care for the elderly/mentally ill/disabled. A lot of money is being spent for medication to reduce amount of pain therefore having euthanasia will end the pain as well as reducing the amount of money being spent to help care for the sick people. Take into account not everyone is religious therefore saying it is against belief of christians won’t apply to everyone. It’s their decision whether they go to heaven or not. It comes down to their own decision if they have strong religious beliefs they will not have euthanasia. Allowing family/patients/friends to suffer in pain day to day is also not the solution and can also be looked at as allowing someone to die slowly. There are examples of euthanasia in the bible in 2 Samuel 1: 9-10 “Then he begged me, Come over here and put me out of my misery, for I am in terrible pain and want to die .” So I killed him.”