Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Biology lesson: 5th/04/16

Today we got the opportunity to have 10-15 minutes of being a teacher. We were each given a paper with a topic on it. With this topic we had to learn about it in depth and plan an activity as a way for the rest of the class to learn about it. My topic was Tropism and Growth Response. After a while of learning about this topic I decided to create a word find with little clues written out at the bottom, to help the students figure out the word.

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  1. Hi Cherub, this is a good short summary of the lesson, but I think you could be more detailed in what you were trying to teach us; positive thigmotropism and tendrils, positive chemotropism and pollen tubes, positive hydrotropism in roots etc etc. Could you please add some more information so the people who are away at volleyball would be able to learn from this? And also add the link so they can have a go at your wordfind if they want! Thanks for putting so much effort in yesterday, it was a really useful and fun activity (even though we couldn't find --SITIVE :P )